Q. What is Verimuchme?

A. Verimuchme is a digital wallet and exchange platform to secure, verify and re-use personal information. Through ID based crypto technology individuals and enterprises are linked to same golden source of information for re-sharing and re-usability purposes .


Q. What problem does Verimuchme solve?

A. Personal information is shared with enterprises for many reasons – for employment purposes, for on-boarding, services contracts or simply to sign into a web service.
Details are re-entered, re-sent and re verified over again creating inefficiencies. There is limited traceability, transparency, security or accountability about handling this data


Q. How does Verimuchme solve this problem?

A. Verimuchme builds a Golden Source of Re-usable verified data that can be securely exchanged across different enterprises many times over at the consent of the individual. It does this:
Individuals can store and exchange their personal information in a secure cloud using ID bound encryption technology.
Enterprises can access that personal information with the consent of the individual
Using ID bound encryption different enterprises can verify the same piece of information and documentation that creates a golden source to open up interoperability.


Q. What are the main benefits?

A. Verimuchme creates efficiencies for both individuals and enterprises. It is a digital offering that reduces the need to re-enter, re-send and re-verify personal information and documentation over again which will save time and money.


Q. What about data protection and privacy?

A. Verimuchme is a digital consent framework to allow the individual citizens to control and share their information with complete transparency.


Q. What about security?

A. Verimuchme is working top security experts in GCHQ and industry partners to ensure that its architecture has proper safeguards in place in accordance to the government standards.